Charlotte Shipman – Animal Data Specialist

My experience of Individual Animal Recording was gained during the eight years I worked with recording and managing animal data on five Breeding Programs (sheep, beef and deer) for Landcorp Farming Ltd in the Te Anau Basin. The role gave me a complete understanding of all aspects of Animal Data Collection and how best to manage the flow of information from the Yards or Shed to the Farm Office and beyond.

I am now enjoying the opportunity to share this knowledge and enable dry stock farmers to get more value from their Animal Data than they might have had to date.


On Farm Recording

Are you struggling to get the most out of your Weigh Scale? It just doesn’t seem as straight forward as when the supplier demonstrated it? Don’t have time to deal with the help desk? Need it configured specifically for your farm? Can’t remember how it should be set up?
I can help

Animal Data

Do you have a backlog of animal data to deal with but no time? You know there is useful information in your animal data if only you had the skills to get at it? Struggling with Excel and *.csv files? Computers aren’t your thing?
I can help


Charlotte Shipman – Animal Data Specialist

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